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AI + Robotics

Connection between human and technology

We strive to enable a safer more comfortable world.

Our first philosophy is making the world a better place with technology.

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METAPLAD Develops Technology That Makes Designing AI Application Easy, Fast, And Efficient.

Connection between human and technology

Anyone Can Quickly Build and Deploy an AI Application From Just An Idea

Easy, cost effective and powerful.

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From edge hardware platform to robotics AI model

Quickly write and deploy artificial intelligence applications for service robots using assem, a hardware platform that lets you connect and let robots run AI models on the fly, and the web platform service product for creating and deploying no-code AI workflows. Create a robot that adapts to any environment by connecting neuronical, an AI model for continuous learning of robots.
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Continuous learning and deployment for the edge devices is the plugin for CL(continuous learning) and CD(continuous deploy) used with big data.
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